Patricia Kelly (America), My grandmother's sister, Mary O'rielly married a William Organ in Newfoundland in the 1920s or 1930s. He died of peritonitus as the result of a ruptured appendix not long after their marriage. They never had any children and his wife lived into her 90's. I don't know anything else about William Organ.

Bill Organ (Newfoundland), I am tracing my lineage here in Nfld. I can get back to my great grandfather with baptismal certificates etc, however, there does not seem to be any records past that date that I can find. ( 28th July 1844 ) I have word of mouth information that may take me back two more generations. Word of mouth also tells me that the ORGANs came fron Jersey. I am doubtful unless they may have come via Jersey from Cornwall. The given names such as Samuel, John, David, Frances, Mary Elizabeth, are the only clue that I have. I just wonder if during your research you may have noticed any connection fron the U.K. to Nfld. Two fish companys that brought people out to Nfld. to work the cod fishery were the Newman Co. and a Nicholl Co. Would appreciate any information you might have. Thanks, Bill Organ

Verna Bishop (Newfoundland), I am searching for my ggrandfather James ORGAN who married Frances KEEPING. My grandfather: John (Jack) ORGAN, born 10 Oct,1871, died 03 Sept,1953 was one of eight children born in Burnt Islands, Newfoundland. He married Elizabeth HINKS 16 Dec,1908 in Channel, Newfoundland.    Any help would certainly be appreciated.

Meghann Sweet (Newfoundland), I am looking for anyone who may have any information regarding an Olive ORGAN who was born in either 1905 or 1908 in Newfoundland or Quebec, Canada. She had a few sisters I believe, one named Florence (Auntie Flo). She later married William Thomas SWEET, and had a son named John Thomas SWEET. The family later moved to Quebec City. Anyone with any information regarding this family, please contact me via this site.

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