Statement of purpose

The ORGAN world wide family research website was first created in 1999 and is dedicated to our family members, immediate and extended. This includes our ancestors to whom we owe so much.

  • The purpose of building the ORGAN family research website is to use it as a research tool in the off chance that it will hopefully further the research into our family's past and present history.
  • To build bridges between the generations of our families and develop an appreciation for our ancestors.
  • To link to all sites of interest to people researching this surname.
  • To collect all information pertaining to this surname, and the bearers of this surname that might in some way facilitate research of this surname.
  • To give more of an insight into the origins of the unique ORGAN family name.

Mission Statement

  • To continue to develop and maintain this website
  • Make certain that the website will continue into perpetuity
  • Keep original documents and information in a safe place
  • Promote this site so that others who are researching the same lines will be aware of it